Over the years I've had many people ask me what they should be taking to maintain basic health. These people aren't sick or in any pain. They just want to help ward off illness, boost energy, and maybe discourage wear and tear on their bodies.

For these folks I give them my CORE 4. These are the 4 basic supplements that I personally take each day for good health maintenance. There is no one pill to fix all your problems, make you skinny, or cure your disease. For those things you need to schedule a time to talk with Derek. These CORE 4 are there to supplement your healthy habits and lifestyle.

Here are my CORE 4:

1. Bio Strath - The Original Fermented Whole Food Multi



Bio Strath whole food supplement is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae herb complex providing a full spectrum of naturally occuring:

  • B Vitamins including B1, B2, B3, and B12

  • Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium

  • Amino Acids, including Branch Chain Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine

  • Vitamin C and Beta Glucans

These vital nutrients are highly bio-available in a whole food form. Bio-Strath has been scientifically studied since 1961!

  • Supports a Healthy Immune System

  • Supports Healthy Mental Activities

  • Supports Athletic Performance

  • Supports Overall Well Being for All Ages

  • Supports Vitality

  • Reduces Fatigue Caused by Daily Stress

Bio-strath is not made from a real 'live' yeast and so Candida Albicans has been shown to be unable to survive in the presence of Bio-Strath.

2. Just Thrive Probiotics - This is NOTHING like any probiotic you've tried before.



Just Thrive® – a 100% spore-based probiotic – has been carefully formulated with highly effective, safe and verified strains that have been licensed from Royal Holloway London University. Most probiotic products on the market have focused on adding more strains and higher cell counts to help boost their marketing message, yet there is no scientific evidence that having dozens of strains at very high cell counts have any benefit at all. It is far more effective to have 2-4 verified, tested, high quality strains than to have a random mix of 15-20 different strains that have not been tested. A number of published studies have shown that many of these formulations with a dozen or more strains are often mislabeled where the wrong strains are shown on the label and strains that don’t appear on the label are in the product. They create these formulations where companies simply throw in everything to make the formulation look robust. If you look at any high quality, prescription probiotic, you won’t find one with more than 2-3 strains as it’s simply not necessary and, in fact, having a dozen strains can actually hinder the effectiveness of a probiotic product.

3. MycoBotanicals Brain - Sharpen your mind with this blend of Mushrooms & Herbs



Host Defense® MycoBotanicals® Brain is a blend of mushrooms and herbs. We use activated, optimally dried, Certified Organic mushroom mycelium, with a full spectrum of constituents which are essential for Supporting Natural Immunity.* By including certified organic herbs that have been carefully selected to complement the health benefits of mushrooms, this marriage provides the best of both worlds. Like the dance of the sun and the moon, two kingdoms are paired together to provide the best possible Functional Food formula to Support Mental Clarity!

  • Supports concentration, memory and cognitive functioning

  • Ginkgo, Bacopa and Gotu Kola support brain health

  • Lion's Mane and Reishi mushrooms support neurological and adrenal functioning

4. Wheat Germ Oil - Plant Based Essential Fatty Acids plus so much more



Instead of taking fish oil, Try Wheat Germ Oil. This oil is sustainable, more bio-available, and cheaper. Plus you don't have the "Fishy Burps". This form of Omega 3's is comparable to that of Krill Oil but has naturally occurring Lecithin which further helps the Wheat Germ Oil's uptake into each cell of the body.

VIOBIN® Wheat germ oil is made from only the freshest North American wheat germ, by our exclusive cold process method that extracts and preserves more of the natural nutrients, flavor and aroma. Wheat germ oil is the richest naturally occurring source of Vitamin E and also supplies an abundance of nutrients including Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc, phosphatides, phytosterols, and octacosanol.

So for a mere $122.96 + shipping you can restore vitality, feel more youthful, and even think more clearly.

However, if you sign up for a monthly delivery of these supplements, I'll drop the price to a generous $79.99 per month plus FREE SHIPPING. This is a SAVINGS of OVER $50!

Get started today, so you can start feeling better tomorrow!