How To Ensure Healthy Skin

How To Ensure Healthy Skin

I last spent weekend in sunny Santa Barbara for a wedding as well as visited a friend in Los Angeles. The wedding was amazing! They were married on the beach and had their reception on the wharf there in Santa Barbara. It was truly something right out of a movie. I spent the following day meditating on the beach, body surfing in the ocean and browsing the local art fair. I also had the chance to try out two amazing restaurants. In Tarzana, CA, I went to "118 Degrees". It's an all raw restaurant with delicious dishes. Then in Santa Barbara, I went by a place called "Green Table". They had a few raw items, so I tried pretty much everything. I highly suggest both places if you're ever in either area.

It was great spending time with friends I rarely see. Also, I did really really enjoy just sitting on the beach soaking up the sun. My friend who was with me was worried about not having any sunscreen, but I assured him that he'd be fine. As few people understand, the sun is actually good for you. Of course overexposure can be harmful, especially when we hermits spend most of our time indoors. Much skin cancer actually comes from the chemical junk we slather on our skin just before we go out for a day of overexposure. The sun then bakes these chemicals into the skin, planting the seeds for possible cancer. If we refuse to allow the body enough essential fatty acids and oils as well as refuse to detox our digestive tract, then these seeds stay put. Then we cake on more, bake again, and repeat. 

As my hero Dr. Christopher said often, "The body will always move toward wellness if we give it the chance to do so." If we allow ourselves a chance to eliminate toxins regularly as well as stimulate the skin with things like dry brushing, applying healthy oils like olive, castor, and wheat germ, and frequent massage, then we can encourage these toxins to move out of the body. Most of us never do any of these things, because they seem silly or impractical. If we just give the body a chance to work the way it was built to, then we usually see favorable results.

However, if you do end up with some skin cancer or questionable spots, there are a few options to try before the costly surgery that doctors will push you into. First, make sure you are working with the mucusless diet and are staying well hydrated with up to 1 fl oz of distilled water per every pound of body weight per day. Then begin with the three oil massage. You can read in detail about it here, but basically you use castor oil for 2 days, then olive oil for 2 days, and then 2 days of wheat germ oil. Rest on the seventh day. Each day getting a minute more of sun than the last day, starting with just two minutes the first day.

If things are really bad you may want to look at the "curing the incurables" program. This program involves everything I mentioned above but goes into further cleansing. You can also look into using the Rick Simpson method. I rarely suggest using cannabis for healing purposes, but I do hear his method works very well.

For less severe problems like a sunburn on your nose from sitting on the beach meditating too long (me last weekend), you can try a few different things to lessen the impact and speed healing. I personally used the complete tissue and bone salve on my nose and rubbed an all natural lotion over the other burnt areas. My nose is now healed only 5 days after it was burnt and I have minor flaking on my forehead. All in all, I had no pain or discomfort. I will also add that I consume many omega 3's every day, eat a non inflammatory diet rich in chlorophyll, and load up on antioxidants. All of these things will help keep you from being burnt and speed recovery of any damaged tissues.

If you insist on blocking the sun try this simple recipe for a DIY sunscreen:

1 part Cold pressed coconut oil, 1 part zinc oxide powder, and desired amount of mango butter. Mix oil and zinc oxide together adding mango butter last in small amounts until ideal consistency is achieved. Coconut oil is 10-15 SPF, so it's best to use. However you may substitute Wheat Germ Oil, Olive Oil, or Aloe gel. The zinc oxide is great for the skin and helps to reflect the suns rays. No good substitutions for zinc oxide, so go to Good Earth and get you some upstairs in the herb room. As far as the mango butter, I just like the texture of it. You could use Shea, Cocoa, Kokum, Beeswax, or even Jojoba Butter (another favorite) in place of the Mango butter.

In conclusion, don't be afraid of the sun. Eat smart, build your exposure gradually if possible, and be grateful for every sunny day you have. Winter is coming....