Are you plagued by pests in your garden or constantly bothered by bugs while you're outside trying to enjoy your summer? Well, I have some suggestions for you to try...

First and foremost, I have a strong disdain for mosquitoes as you might. Nothing like sitting outside enjoying the peaceful breeze on your face to hear the faint eeeeEEEEeeeeeeeEEEE get closer and closer to kill the mood. I typically don't bother too much with bug sprays as I try to keep things simple. I do however have a method to deal with these buggers and their unsavory bite.

One trick I learned about years ago does seem to make a difference. While the Panama canal was being built disease spread quickly because of the thick mosquito population. When the natives of that area were asked how they could possibly deal with the ongoing nuisance, they simply replied, "We just ignore them!"

As it turns out, mosquitoes see in infrared. That terrifying noise they make as they circle you is there to annoy and irritate us to the point of raising our blood pressure. Higher blood pressure creates a map of hot spots for them to attack. This improves their chances of a quality meal in fewer dangerous landings.

By remaining calm or even ignoring them, they are much more likely to pick on someone else. You can also keep your blood pressure more stable by maintaining a healthy diet. Those who consume lots of sugars, starches, and alcohols are more likely to have higher blood pressure, sweat more, put off more CO2, and, therefore, will more likely draw in these little blood suckers. Adding in some cayenne pepper and/or hawthorn berry to your life, as well as avoiding a bad diet, will improve your chance of being invisible to them.

If you do get bit, don't stress it. Look around in every direction. There is a very very good chance you will see some Plantain (picture) growing near by. Pick the leaves, crush them in your hand, and rub them on the bite. Itching will usually stop within a few minutes, otherwise keep rubbing it with more Plantain leaves until it does.

Once I find the Plantain, I usually rub down my arms, legs, and neck with it. It also seems to work like a buy spray should. I find after that I rarely get bit. You can also use Plantain for poison ivy, bee stings, or even a snake bite. Obviously, snake bites take a little more effort, so do your hard research first and avoid poisonous snakes.

For repelling ants, spiders, roaches, ticks, fleas, mites, mice, and many different garden thieves, the best thing to do is..... come to my class this coming Monday Aug 22nd at the Good Earth in Broad Ripple. I'll cover several ways to avoid these pests and answer all your questions on natural pest control.