I am a certified Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. With eight years of experience helping people in health food store environments and having had worked for major national supplement companies, I've learned many things and had many great experiences. My passion for natural living and practical healing has lead me around our great nation touring factories and farms as well as engaging CEOs and formulators of well known natural healthcare companies. I always strive to be on the cutting edge of research and practice a wide range of modalities to diversify my understanding of the human condition.

My Journey

I began my life like most average Americans. Eating meat, potatoes, pizza, corn chips, and drinking a lot of soda was the majority of my diet. My family and I knew no other way of living. As my whole family gained weight and battled a variety of seeming petty, but still annoying, health conditions, we all turned to pharmaceuticals. Myself and my father were plagued with acid reflux, gas, constipation, and brain fog. My sister developed some food sensitivities and my mother dealt with painful menstrual cycles. We never once thought even briefly that diet played a role. We, like most Americans, were taught that genetics, exercise, and luck were the biggest factors at play.

As I graduated from Purdue University in 2006, I came to the startling realization that I would no longer have health insurance through my family's plan. Not having a big boy job yet, I began to panic. After some time I came to the conclusion that there had to be a way to care for yourself outside of the modern healthcare system. At this point I began to look at quality of foods and experiment with a vegetarian lifestyle. Living in southern California for a short time lead me to learning about these different dietary concepts.

Everyone has health issues to deal with from time to time. I thought if I could help people understand what they are truly up against and show them a better path, then I’d gain credibility along with purpose.

Upon returning home to Indiana in 2009, I was broke and jobless. Living with my parents once again, I became very depressed. As anyone who has had depression knows, late nights are common. In California, I had discovered the tip of the conspiracy world and now with limitless time available ongoing research was an obsession. Everything from ETs to One World Government to GMOs to Spiritual Evolution exploded into my world. I frantically tried talking to my friends and family about these things, but the weird looks and rejection only deepened my depression. Finally, an epiphany came to me. Everyone has health issues to deal with from time to time. I thought if I could help people understand what they are truly up against and show them a better path, then I'd gain credibility along with purpose.

Where do you start when you can't talk to anyone without sounding crazy and you have no experience? My sister suggested I look into a little health food store in Lafayette, Ind., for healthier living options. Sure enough I did and on my second visit I asked for a job. Within a month I was on the floor getting crash courses on herbs, vitamins, non-GMO this and gluten free that. At this store I discovered other "crazy conspiracy nuts" like myself and quickly felt at home in my new profession. After a few months went by, I learned about a trade show in northern Indiana that offered free entry to store employees. Told it was for managers and senior staff only, my hopes for going were quickly squelched. It was only after everyone else couldn't make it and persistent begging did the boss allow me to attend. During this first exposure to the trade show environment, I listened to a lecture from David Christopher that still rings in my ears. This lecture and meeting of David afterwards led me to enrolling into the School of Natural Healing. Here I gained the base line for all of my current knowledge on herbs and body function.

A few months later, a new opportunity presented itself. The offer to become a salesman for a leading supplement company was incredibly flattering as I was still new face in the industry. This position lasted for three years and expanded to six lines before the road warrior lifestyle began to take it's tole. Even still this gave me the insight into the manufacturing side of natural health. It pushed me to learn details so I could teach others, train retail employees, and market myself and the products simultaneously. During this time I began to travel to the largest natural product expositions in the country as well as visit the companies for which I worked.

All while working as a sales representative all across Indiana, I switched to another health food store with very different staff and clientele. Here love, kindness, unconditional care, and spiritual evolution were common topics and practices. These two jobs allowed me to grow into a much more balanced and well rounded individual, in addition to giving me the patience to work through any problem with anyone. This is also around the same time that I met Goldie, who would become a spiritual mentor of sorts. Goldie not only helped me believe in myself, but actually saved my life during a serious case of E-coli poisoning. She was able to heal the damage with her Reiki and solve the mystery with her spiritual guides.

In the Spring of 2014, I was ready for change. I sold most of my possessions and prepared to move out to Washington state. No job or friends or place to stay, but I had confidence that I could make it work. Before I could fully commit to moving I was offered a job within my ideal company. Here at this health food store I would be paid very well, have the freedom to sell the products I believe in, and be among the kindest and brightest in the Midwest. Shortly after taking the job, I was given the responsibility of overseeing the 500+ bulk herbs they stock. This gave me the opportunity to continue my training in herbs as well as an outlet for my growing knowledge.

Early in 2016 Goldie began encouraging me to become an educator, so I began giving classes and building this website as my platform. From here the sky is the limit. Hopes are high as radio interviews are becoming more frequent, family and friends (and friends of theirs) are seeking my help, and the buzz is growing about my well rounded knowledge and willingness to help. Please keep checking back as this journey has just begun…