So I'm getting a late start on this, but this is blog #1 of a series on products I enjoyed at Expo East 2016.

First subject is coconut water, and I must say that I have a new favorite brand which is Invo! They have one of the only truly 100% raw coconut waters on the market and it's divine.

They have 4 products right now. There is a pure coconut water, an organic pure, a tropical flavor which is blended with pineapple, mango, and passion fruit, and then they also have a variety with green sencha tea.

Not only were the whole crew very friendly, but they offered to personally deliver their products to our one little store. This is something that is pretty rare in the retail world anymore.


The next one to share is the Pure Brazilian 100% Anao Coconut Water. This is another favorite of mine and I'm quite surprised that I don't see it around much in stores. I suppose you and I need to start requesting it at our local shops! :-) Their booth was on of the best experiences I had at Expo East this year.

As I approached their area, a beautiful woman handed me a coconut water and encouraged me to sit down for a short virtual reality video. The video was absolutely unbelievable. It was all about efforts to rebuild the reefs in Papua New Guinea. Pure Brazilian donates 1% of coconut water sales to Conservation International to help support their efforts. So for each bottle sold they help protect one square foot of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest; one of the world’s most precious assets.

As for their coconut water, it is the only Brazilian coconut water on the market that of which I'm aware. Look for them in a store near you or request them at Good Earth.

New large size of the Harmless Harvest Coconut Water!

New large size of the Harmless Harvest Coconut Water!

Thirdly, I'm briefly going to touch on Harmless Harvest. Harmless Coconut Water used to be my favorite because they were the first raw coconut water and the only one in my area. Apparently, the FDA got after them over the "Raw" term they were using. The story they told me was that according to the FDA a coconut is no longer "raw" once a hand plucks it from the tree. It sounds like something the FDA would say, but I wonder how so many other companies are able to continue calling themselves "100% raw". This isn't meant to be a knock on Harmless, because I still think they have an amazing product and one of the best tasting coconut waters on the market. However, as companies grow, they often look for ways to extend shelf life, or stretch the product so it can make the investors more money. I'm not fully convinced that this isn't beginning to happen with them.

Harmless does now have a larger size bottle available for those who can chug the regular bottle in 2 gulps like I can. They also have a new seasonal flavor on the market. I didn't get to try it, but it's the Dark Cacao coconut water. Be on the lookout for these exciting new items!

If you like coconut water, then you'll love Maple Water!

If you like coconut water, then you'll love Maple Water!

Finally I want to talk about the new "Sap on Tap" maple water. This refreshing drink has similar benefits of coconut water, but is in a category of it's own. The flavor is less sweet than you'd think but leaves you satisfied. Sap on Tap has 3 flavors available. There is the original, ginger lime (my favorite!), and the yerba mate.

Unless you live in New York this product isn't likely on your store's shelf yet, so please ask for it! Replenish with Less Sugar!

Where there you have it! Please leave any questions in the comment section below.

Blog #2 in this series will be on Kraut and Fermented Foods. Look for it in the next couple of days!