Every Spring, and usually in the Fall, I do a juice fast. Each time I do one, I try to make it a little longer. This Spring I'm trying for 30 days.

"What does this fast entail?," You're thinking. Well I follow the basic principles for Dr. Christopher's 3 day juice cleanse. Actually, the first several time I didn't this, I did just 3 days. Slowly, I realized how easy and productive this whole process is, and begin to add days.

First thing in the morning, you drink 16oz of prune juice. Now I need to explain that you don't just guzzle down the juice. You want to chew the juice. I know it sounds strange, but you actually make a chewing motion with the juice in your mouth. This stimulates the saliva into production which carries amylase enzymes. These enzymes break down sugars and starches in the mouth. At the same time, in direct relation to the amount of saliva that is produced, the other digestive organs such as the pancreas produce the appropriate amount of gastric juices. Therefore, it's always good to remember to Chew Your Juices and Drink Your Food.

The next step is to drink 8oz within 30 minutes of your chosen juice. I usually start with apple juice, but you can pick grape, carrot, orange, or others. The thing is to stick with that one juice for at least the whole day. I suggest maintaining that same juice for 3 days.

Then the next 30 minutes you will want to drink 8oz of distilled water. You don't have to chew this, but can if you want. Follow this every other trend between apple, or chosen juice, and distilled water all day or until you have finished off a gallon of each.

Should you really feel like you need to eat something, then you can eat only whatever your juice comes from. If your using apple juice, then you can eat an apple. If your using carrot juice you can eat carrots, but stick to this for a successful cleanse.

I find that at the end of three days, I'm not hungry. I'll admit that I will miss the pleasure of eating, but I don't feel hunger. You really learn how much eating is a habit not a absolute necessity.

With all of that being said, each day I'll be adding a video to show my progress, discuss my experience, and add any little tips. For example.. While you are juice fasting, don't fart. Trust me.

So I've made it 2/3rds of the way and am still doing fine. I've added a couple supplements into my diet including the Host Defense Stamets 7 (http://amzn.to/2pEIliM) and Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone (http://amzn.to/2p6bWVU). I've been taking these just once per day.

Supplements I added back in starting today were chlorella and 160k cayenne. This made a big impact and I plan to continue using both for the remainder of my fast.

I'm getting close, so close I can almost taste it. Believe me, I can't wait to taste anything other than apple juice. The products I mentioned in this video are:

Host Defense Stamets 7
Host Defense Chaga
Host Defanse Lion's Mane
Bio-Strath Tablets
Bio-Strath Liquid
Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula

Christopher's Quick Colon
Christopher's Herbal Parasite Syrup