Natural Products Expo West is absolutely one of the big highlights of each year for me. "Expo West", as it's called in the industry, is now up to around 120,000 people and is the largest event at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA each year. This event brings together the best and the brightest of the natural products industry to share new research, new products, and new ideas for the future of healthy living.

One vendor I had to do a interview with was Just Thrive Probiotics. They have made a big difference in my health, my family's health, and my client's health. I use their product as part of a 3 part "silver bullet" for difficult digestive problems.

Just Thrive Probiotics isn't like anything you've tried before. It literally should be in it's own category of supplements. In the popular garden analogy for digestive health, your intestinal wall is the soil, the probiotics are your plants, and yeast would be the weeds. Seems difficult to maintain a garden without a gardener, right? In steps Just Thrive Probiotics to nourish your garden back to thriving health.

Listen to Tina, owner of Just Thrive Probiotics, rave about her ground breaking product.

Just Thrive is in it's own category when it comes to probiotics. Forget what you think you know about beneficial bacteria and listen to Tina as she reeducates you on the future of spore producing bacteria.


Hi, my name is Tina Anderson. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Just Thrive Probiotic, and I'm here to tell you about the exciting new category of probiotics. So, Just Thrive Probiotic is spore-forming bacteria. So the majority of probiotics that most people are familiar with are lactobacillus bifidobacter-based products. This is not a lacto bifido-based product, this is a 100% spore forming probiotic, and there's a really, really important factor in that.

Spore-forming bacteria are basically the calls for reform because they create an endospore around themselves. The endospore, and it's natural, there is no enteric coating or anything like that. This is the way nature intended us to condition and take care of our gut. So the endospore basically is an armor-like shell around itself, and when it has that armor-like shell around itself, it is in its dormant state. So when it's in the capsule, it's in its dormant state, when you swallow it, it's in this dormant state, and that is what allows it to get through the gastric system alive. It's not until it hits the intestine that it goes into its live vegetative cell state.

This is really, really important because the first part of the definition of a probiotic is that it survives. It's a very important part of the definition, and these actually survive naturally, 100%, they get into the intestines alive. When they get to the intestines, they do something really, really cool. They actually have the ability to read the microbial environment. So if they sense a pathogenic organism, they actually have the capability of creating antibiotics. So we've identified up to 25 antibiotics, these are not broad-spectrum antibiotics. These are naturally existing antibiotics that actually help kill off pathogens in your gut.

On the flip side, they create compounds and nutrients to actually feed them, you know, good organisms in our gut. So the best way I love to use the Garden Analogy for this because if you envision a garden that's been stepped on and trampled on and there's weeds growing all over the place, these strains, you throw the seeds and they get there 100% percent alive, they don't just pass through, like many of the other lacto bifido strains. They actually attach to the soil. These strains have a 21-day lifecycle in the gut. So they are transient, but they're there for 21 days doing a lot of work. And then, they have the capability of getting rid of the weeds in the garden and then they have the capability of bringing those plants that have been stepped down and trampled on back to life. So it's such an effective approach to gut health. It's not just creating some symptomatic relief, it's actually getting to the root of the problem, you know, we always like say it is, it's like a gardener of your gut, it actually is, taking care of the garden on a daily basis. You can't leave your garden alone without taking care of it and so it's the same type of approach. It's a very, very effective approach, we had a lot of studies behind it. We have a gut model study that shows that these strains cause a 30% favorable shift in the gut. That's very, very powerful because like I said it's creating, you know, it's fixing the imbalance going on which imbalance in the gut is really the root cause of all these diseases that people are having. It also creates, this is a really benefit of the product is it creates antioxidants.

So one of the strains in the product bacillus indicates actually once it gets to the intestines, it starts to produce RDA levels of carotenoids, so alpha and beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, all these carotenoids are being produced right where they need to be absorbed, so very bioavailable. So not only do you have this really, really super potent probiotic, but now you've got these bioavailable antioxidants all in one.

So you know, we're shelf stable and so you know we always laugh because we have people who say, "Oh but I need it to be refrigerated," you know, that means it's a high quality probiotic and so I would say that's one of the biggest myths in the industry. You know, the reason a probiotic needs to be refrigerated is because it's so sensitive that it cannot withstand the room temperature of the store shelf. So if it can't withstand the room temperature of the store shelf, then I wonder how is going to survive 98.6 in your body. You know, the answer is, it doesn't, and it really has a way of a lot of difficulty surviving the body, so the refrigeration is a myth.

The other big myth is out there is like more is better. You know, "Oh this one has 50 billion or you need to take what at least with 20 billion," "Oh there's one, it has got 100 billion CFUs." There is no science that we are aware of that shows more is better. What is important is the quality of the strain. That gut model study that I was telling you about earlier, we only used 1 billion CFUs in that study. One billion CFUs caused a 30% favorable shift in the gut. It is not the quantity, it's the quality and what does 1 billion do and 1 billion of ours actually caused a 30% favorable shift. So it's a really, really effective approach to gut health.

One of the most important things is we just completed the first, as far as we know, human clinical trial, double-blind, placebo, University, human clinical trial on leaky gut. This is real, really game-changing in the industry that we have a human clinical trial on this. The study is going to be published in the next couple of months, and it's going to be game changing the whole industry, really that we've have a probiotic with a leaky gut study. A leaky gut is responsible for so many, and I think there is a study out there saying 90% of noncommunicable diseases are, you know, as a result of leaky gut from heart disease to diabetes to Alzheimer's, all these things are on top of all the autoimmune issues that are out there, so this is really, really exciting.

And so much so that we caught the attention of a group of HIV activists out of Rochester, New York, and I met last month with a group of the leading HIV doctors in Seattle. They were the leading HIV doctors in the world, but they were all meeting in Seattle, and they were writing up a protocol to put it in a National Institute of Health study, and so it's very, very exciting, we're so excited to be here at Expo West and to be telling you about our game changing product. And I always say give it to your toughest, you know, loved ones someone who has had the digestive issues or you know it's really you'll see what we're talking about. This is, we get the comment all the time, this is not like any other probiotic I've ever tried, and that's because it's not. It's a completely different approach, it's an effective approach and we hope you'll come on board. Thank you.

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