A New Adventure

A New Adventure

I've never blogged before. I've never even kept a journal. Don't expect much for now, please...

I'm going to TRY to be fairly regular about keeping a blog. I feel that most of what you'll learn from me will come from reading about my day to day life. Maybe after awhile I can even refine it into somewhat interesting of a book.

I will give you insights on what I do for my health. I will share my seemingly frequent synchronicities and paranormal type experiences. I will also regurgitate the things I've learned recently. I'm always discovering new concepts and meeting fascinating people. Not everything I learn and post here will be 100% accurate (in my reality or yours), so please always do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Think for yourself!

My life seems boring to me most of the time, but it's because I'm so different than so many people and I don't have too many souls with which to share my stories. I feel that most of those around me are not ready to break the social trends with which I've left far behind. As most people do, I long for understanding, acceptance, and productive intelligent conversation. Since I've quit drinking and quit smoking pot, I've struggled to be entertained by social gatherings and strive to break the cycle of sleep, work, chill with Ernie (my cat), and repeat.

I hope you'll comment on things on which you'd like me to divulge more. I'm still trying to blaze this new trail that is my life/website/blog. Please be kind, patient, and comment frequently.

Oh and keep checking back to read more. Thank you :-)