A Crappy Day

A Crappy Day

I took the day off today. This is something I rarely do as I love my job.

I woke up this morning with what felt like a brick in my stomach. From 5am till about 7am I did everything I could to relieve myself of this intense pain. I sat on the toilet and prayed to start. Then I drank half a gallon of distilled water and took some "Lower Bowl Formula" and some probiotics. I paced around the apartment and even went outside to walk in the cool wet grass. When I came back in I still couldn't relieve myself. I then drank half a quart of prune juice and laid back down in bed. I woke up about 30 minutes later thinking, "Here we go!" and rushed to the bathroom. Nothing! OK, maybe a few plops, but not what I was looking for. I then prayed and meditated a bit.. What else could I do? It then dawned on me (maybe it had something to do with the sun coming up at that time (get it?)), "I always feel better after i vomit." "But I'll waste all that prune juice I just spent 20 minutes chewing to get down", I thought. The pain insisted that I do it anyway. I turned around, grabbed my hair, and stuck two fingers down my throat. Five minutes later I was looking at last nights dinner and feeling about 50% better. I then went back to bed and slept till 11am.

I woke to my alarm and checked my pain level. I thought, "I CAN go to work, but I'll be miserable all day." I decided I'd call in and express my sorrow for leaving them short-handed. They, being wonderful souls, understood completely. I still, however, felt guilty for abandoning my shift.

I then wanted to go back to sleep, but my responsible side reminded me that rent was due. It's Saturday the 30th, so mailing it out on Monday wasn't an option. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my car keys and headed out. I stopped by the leasing office to grab rent envelopes and express my concern over the lack of thought that went into putting a lock on only one of two entrances to our building. I also updated the office on our homeless neighbor who was still taking residence in our hallways. They acted like nothing could be done about it and wished they could get the higher ups to secure the place. I thanked him and went on my way.

At the Post Office, I picked out a card for my grieving coworkers, and asked for a money order when I got to the counter. The clerk rang everything up and then my card was declined. I checked my account to discover that someone had hacked my PayPal account and withdrew most of my money! I apologized to the clerk and came home. After dealing with PayPal and notifying my leasing office that my payment would be late, I finally took my sick butt back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. What a day! I would have much rather have gone to work and had a normal Saturday.

Even now at 11pm, I still feel the remnants of that brick in my stomach. Therefore, after a now whole quart of prune juice, most of a gallon of water, a walk and a bike ride, and no food, I'm still backed up. I know that as soon as I eat, my pain will be right back to where I started. Looks like I'm juice fasting this weekend. I'm gonna go drink more water and watch some one of Dr. Christopher's lectures. Good bye for now.