Back  In The Flow

Back In The Flow

Hello again,

It's Wednesday evening and I had a busy but very productive day at work today. My feet are grateful that I didn't stay late again like last night. I've been breaking in a new pair of Birkenstock's, so my feet are enjoying their bare freedom right now. I'm also feeling so much incredibly better compared to the weekend. PayPal has refunded my money so I can pay rent, and because of my juice fasting, my natural flow and glow has returned.

I've decided that I really need to stay with the raw vegan lifestyle as much as I possibly can. I always feel so healthy and satisfied while living this way. As soon as I dip my toe in the cooked food world again I start getting lazy. I convince myself that this cooked meal is still good enough or these french fries are a rare treat. Usually within 4 weeks, I'm back to eating like a standard American. I am eating fried foods, ice creams, and convenient junky snack foods and telling myself that that one salad I had last week will balance out everything else I'm eating. It just isn't the case.

I often think back to and tell others about my thought process in quitting drinking alcohol. By the way I've quit twice over the last 3 years and this time I've not had anything since New Years Day 2016. I don't crave it at all anymore. Anyways, I would often justify going out for a couple (literally) beers every or every other weekend. "That's responsible," I thought, "Most people I know drink everyday! I'm doing way better, so I'll be fine." Well fine isn't great or even good enough in my book. I plan on and WILL live to be at least 150 years old! I won't get there by being fine. I have to give my body the best materials everyday for the best on going health and longevity.

The other thought behind this was the cost of straddling the health fence. I had always made the excuse that I would be a better people person and help more people if I could relate to them better; drinking with them to show them I'm not all high and mighty. Well I started to calculate the cost of the booze and the effects of it along with my healthy life's costs. Conclusion was... I can't afford that, nor could I afford the time I was wasting. Cost of 2 draft beers plus tip $10, greasy nasty bar food (I always would get munchies, and who else is open that late anyway) another $10. THEN I started looking at how these activities destroyed my gut health. Rebuilding with quality probiotics takes about 2 weeks with a healthy diet, much longer when you eat the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) foods. 2 weeks of good probiotics is another $35. So to drink those 2 beers actually would cost me over $50! I had been doing it mostly for the social aspect, but honestly... I didn't really enjoy most of the people at the bars. Many times I would leave upset at how immature, inconsiderate, and disrespectful people really are. Simple answer to all of this... Quit Drinking Alcohol!

For a time I really missed spending time with friends, since just about all of them drink to have fun. Now I just feel like someone has to take the lead and show them life can go on beautifully without being intoxicated on any substance. I walk by a bar every day twice a day and hear the laughter and think I could be missing out on something. However, then I see the exact same people outside smoking at the bar everyday on my lunch break; I know there is nothing to be missed.

Overall I'm happy to be back to my raw vegan (rather BEEgan (I eat raw honey)) ways. My body seems pretty happy about it too.

Caio for now!