Urban Camping

Urban Camping

So last night I went urban camping for the first time. I won't say where exactly because I don't want to give away my amazing spot. I will say that it was within a 5 mile bike ride of my home. I figured I'd have to build a spot seeing as (I'm guessing) camping isn't allowed within city limits, but I found a flat sandy area next to the water that was perfect. I dug a little one foot diameter hole in the sand for a tiny fire. A tarp was laid out on the sand, then my sleeping pad and a bug net. It was warm enough that I didn't need my sleeping bag or tent. However, I might take my hammock next time.

I had been itching to get back to nature all summer and after seeing Goldie (my spiritual mentor and healer) last week. I needed some re-grounding and nature is perfect for that! I sat by the fire and tried my first 60 minute guided meditation. Usually I just do 10 minutes each day with 30 being the longest I've done so far. 60 was tough especially with mosquitoes buzzing around you and the fire needing constant attention because it was so small. I'm sure I can do it indoors much easier. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the sounds and rhythms of nature. Sleeping is usually tough the first night of any camping trip as you need to adjust your schedule and just be tired enough to sleep on the ground. I slept a sloppy 4 hours or so and got up at first light. I sat by the water and put my feet in it. I was surprised to find how incredibly warm it was. After that I packed up and rode home to take another nap in my own bed.

As I lay there falling back asleep, I remembered that my bed has a grounding sheet on it. I was grateful for the camping experience, but there is no comparison with a soft king size bed that recreates the healthy effects of sleeping on the ground. I suggest everyone (that doesn't sleep on bare ground already) buy a grounding (aka Earthing) sheet for their bed. You sleep better, carry less static electricity, have better circulation, and thus even heal faster!

All in all my weekend has been relaxing and productive. Since I'm juice fasting, I'm saving tons of time preparing food, eating, and cleaning up. Plus I'm saving loads of money, and I feel great! Toxins are still eliminating on this the 3rd day and the brick in my stomach has gone down to a pebble. I think I'll go for another couple days just because of how effective this is. I'll try to get some info up on my site detailing my procedure.

That's all folks, check back soon!

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